Events and seasonal reports


Our half time report looks at the World Cup and the potential impacts this could have on the run up to Christmas 2022. How will shoppers behave?
How are shopper preparing for the return to school? Find out in our latest report.
Who is embracing summer and who is already saving for winter bills?
More shoppers celebrated the Platinum Jubilee than expected, but how did they celebrate?
With the ongoing pressure on household incomes, are shoppers planning to celebrate the upcoming Jubilee and if so, what are their plans?
Shoppers Predictions for Christmas 2022
How are shoppers feeling at the moment about Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and other big food-related events?
During Christmas 2021, Omicron impacted celebrations for half of all shoppers. Read more on how shoppers were divided when it came to celebrating Christmas this year.
After Christmas 2020’s last minute changes and a volatile year for shopper confidence, what will this Christmas bring? Will shoppers splash out or is this Christmas all about love, actually?
In 2020, COVID-19 put a halt to Christmas celebrations for many. This year, will shoppers be making up for lost time?
How does this Halloween compare to ghosts of Halloween past? We look at spending plans, in person celebrations and the role of the in-store visit for the occasion.
After a second Easter in lockdown, we look at how shoppers behaved this time around and what that could mean for the rest of the year’s events.
We look at how shoppers behaved during Christmas and New Year 2020 against their expectations, and what this could tell us about how they will behave for events through 2021.
Nicola and Dan take a deeper dive into shopper planning and expected behaviour over Christmas 2020 and what that could mean for you in the run up to the big day.
As we fast approach the festive season, keep up-to-date with the latest insights into how shoppers have celebrated occasions and which ones they are planning on celebrating in the future.
How have shoppers adapted to a COVID-19 Halloween?
Now H2 is well underway we share our prediction of how shoppers will prepare for different events
In this report we look back at our pre-Christmas reporting and compare what shoppers told us they expected to do, with what they say they actually did.
In this report, we take a deep dive into shopper behaviour at Christmas, looking at: - Spending expectations for Christmas dinner and savings tactics - What is going into Christmas dinner, and how vegan and vegetarian options are growing - What’s most important when choosing a food and grocery product at Christmas time - Channel usage changes year on year - The importance of loyalty cards and the place for technology
In this report, we’ll identify: How different events appeal to varity discount shoppers. Interest in seasonal/calandar events. What's important when shopping for events, the role of price in events, planned and impulse purchase for events.