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What do shoppers think of new brands?

Find out more about shopper attitudes to new and exisiting brands

The shopper view on supermarket private label tiers

A look at how value perception, usage occasions and comparison with brands differs between the three tiers of supermarket private label.


Discover the importance of brands to variety discount shoppers across different categories
See how different behaviours are being exhibited by different shopper groups. Some focusing more on saving money due to the downturn and some more open to spending money.
How have shopper habits and attitudes adapted to the recent lockdown?
Brand and private label quarterly update – December 2020

Our latest data focuses on shoppers’ overall sentiment, including attitudes towards EDLP and promotion, value and food and shopping preferences.

Innovation in focus

Our latest research shows that 29% of shoppers claim Brexit may encourage them to buy more new / different foods from around the world when doing their supermarket shop (a significant increase from 22% in Jan’19).