Category, capability & in-store excellence presentations


Look for opportunities outside your category? Read on for an updated case study on Heinz who looked past traditional categories boundaries to find opportunities.
Maximising opportunities to engage with your shoppers using technology in-store.
How do you stand out in-store, great packaging, big display? How does ICA deliver a Mexican meal? Healthy pizza? And how do you customise your pet food? Read on for some great examples of shopper excellence from around the globe.
Identify the role your category can play in-store in driving incremental growth.
We are seeing an increasing level of collaboration in category management; but what are the challenges when it comes to collaboration and do suppliers have the right capabilities? Read on for our findings from our recent research in category management.
Looking for inspiration on activation solutions? Read on to see how Amazon and Tesco are targeting shoppers and how Mondelez is delivering a local solution for Coop.
Influencing shoppers in the digital world is very different from the physical. Read on for how and where to engage shoppers and the behaviours to consider when applying category management to the online channel.
Do you know the most Kiasu town in Singapore? What Tesco & Unilever are doing for the Trussell Trust? and how to innovate a coconut? Read on for our latest collection of great shopper engagement.
Understand the influence of health, origin and ethical production within your category.
Shopper appeal and desire for new products differs by category. Find out the role that innovation plays in your category