Category, capability & in-store excellence presentations


We identify opportunities to maximise category conversion within supermarkets and hypermarkets across 34 food and grocery categories
Check out the latest findings from our recent survey in Category management. Read on for how increasing collaboration is opening up category opportunities but not without challenges.
The challenges of shopper marketing, how well are suppliers balancing the needs of brands, shoppers and retailers in-store? Read on for the findings from our recent shopper marketing survey.
Do you know how shoppers determine value in your category?
Check out our latest examples of great shopper engagement. How M&S, Diageo and Pepsico promotions are offering more than just price for shoppers. See how Halo Top and Rustans are driving shopper loyalty.
Following a period of range rationalisation are shoppers finding supermarkets easier to shop or are they frustrated with the lack of choice? We explore this dynamic across 34 food and grocery categories.
As retailers expand their premium private label ranges, brands will need to work harder to stand out and build loyalty with shoppers. We reveal the role of brands across 34 food and grocery categories.
How to use category management ways of working to build better category promotion plans and collaboration with retailers.
Read on for the latest inspiring examples of shopper excellence, to see how both Tesco and Tetley are engaging with health and how Harris Farm is differentiating through engaging theatre.
Showcasing the latest examples of shopper marketing, including how Tesco is driving home cooking, Merkur is focusing on provenance and Morrison’s is supporting local suppliers.