Category, capability & in-store excellence presentations


Read how Walkers have tailored their activities by shopper mission and how retailers and suppliers are leveraging sponsorship, events and health with our latest examples of shopper excellence.
What are the traits of the most capable suppliers in category management? Read on to understand how the most capable perform across six key areas compared to the market.
Understand what quality means to shoppers and the product attributes they use to identify quality
What are the big challenges for category management in the next few years? Find out what suppliers and retailers think in our recent category management survey.
How are suppliers and retailers collaborating in category management? What is best practice? Read findings from our recent category management survey.
How is the way suppliers and retailers practice category management changing? The top findings from our recent retailer and supplier category management capability survey.
Understand the role of promotions vs EDLP, mechanic preferences by category and what improvements shoppers are looking for.
How is Shopper marketing developing? how are suppliers approaching shopper marketing? This report examines the findings from our recent survey into shopper marketing.
This report examines the findings from our latest global survey into category management. Find out how category management is changing to adapt to the changing shopper and retail landscape.

See how Coca-Cola are empowering shoppers and how Albert Heijn’s shoppers are discovering new products in our latest examples of best practice in shopper marketing.