About ShopperVista
About ShopperVista from IGD

Providing category, insight and commercial professionals with trusted, actionable, daily shopper insights. We provide the “go to” insight that creates the foundation for future-facing shopper sentiment and thinking.

We are the essential element of the category and brand planning toolbox, providing you with a progressive and objective view on shopper sentiment. Our must-have shopper insight and thought leadership underpins successful commercial decision making today and for the future.

Benefits of subscribing

With a premium subscription, you can enjoy the benefits of our full service, including industry-leading shopper insights, and exclusive access to expert-led webinars and virtual events.

Build the bigger picture into your category planning with our macro trends perspectives

Create compelling stories to support your internal and external business with data and insight from industry experts

Know the “why” as well as the “what”, our multi-methodology approaches give greater context through multiple data sources

Take action – our rich insight and compelling, thoughtful opinion is always accompanied with the implications for your business

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Make better commercial decisions underpinned by our must-have shopper insight and thought leadership

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Our approach

ShopperVista gives you flexible insights you can tailor.

We talk to British shoppers every day through our always-on data collection:

Powered by a nationally representative sample of 1000 GB food and grocery shopper interviews each month

Balanced with interviews across all grocery channels

Alongside this we use a range of other qualitative and quantitative methodologies to provide a unique rich and detailed insights across a range of industry hot topics and themes.

Online communities

Diary studies

In-store accompanied shops

Eye tracked interviews

Online shopping screencasts