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Category Benchmarks: the importance of brands

Using our latest category benchmarks data, we look at how the importance of brands varies between 82 different sub-categories in terms of brand loyalty, influence on purchase decisions and more.

Category Benchmarks: the value equation

Using our latest category benchmarks data, we look at how shoppers balance price and quality in their value equation when deciding what to buy across 82 sub-categories.


The last of our series of Category Benchmarks reports takes a look at different sustainability and ethics measures, like packaging and recyclability as well as animal and employee welfare, and how important they are in product choice to shoppers across 82 different sub-categories.
New HFSS legislation comes in to force in October 2022 – and business action is required now. We explore the potential in-store impact and how shoppers will react.
Using our latest Category Benchmarks research, we examine the importance that shoppers place in innovation across 82 different sub categories.
New: Category benchmarks 2021 dashboard

Explore our category benchmarks dashboard containing responses from over 4,000 shops across 82 sub-categories to understand the shopping process.

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