Digital and technology reports


At the start of 2021, we identified our online focused shopper trend. How has this developed throughout the year?
In the final report of the series on the evolution of the online shopper, we compare the attitudes and behaviours across 8 different online retailers.
In the third report in the series of the evolution of the online shopper, we explore how shoppers interact with the brilliant basics of online shopping, shopper marketing and media.
In the first report of the series, Ellie explores how the online shopper has changed, and what this means for your business.
Our digital update focuses on the impact of technology and digital tools of grocery shopping.
In this report we have picked our five shopper trends to watch in 2021 to help you future-proof your plans.
We kick off 2021 with our first monthly ShopperVista update- a one-stop report for the latest shopper insights.
In this report, we look at interest in click and collect, delivery and collection services, rapid click and collect, and the appeal of different locations for click and collect services.
In this report we take a look at how Amazon shoppers have changed as a result of COVID-19.
In this report, we shine a spotlight on the Amazon shopper, and compare to the average online grocery shopper. We look at: -Amazon shopper profile -Shopping missions -Channel usage -Category penetration -Loyalty -Device usage -Shopper drivers -Site navigation -Interest in reviews -Awareness of grocery offering -Delivery